Level up the conversation about managing people, at work

We are co-creating the future of work.

Thoughtful readers and leaders who work in startups, media, tech, VC/investing — and more — are reading along with me.

There’s a very practical intersection between managing people at work, and the trends we see out there on our feeds.

  • What skills do managers need to practice and learn, and how do we learn them?

  • When reading to learn, how do we filter out the clickbait?

  • How will we evaluate how our own labor is deployed, and consider the human beings behind the products and services we use?

I want you to have the best information. Because everything that spins across our feeds about the workplace — it’s not equally good.

My approach is practical. I’m a practitioner. And we all have to go to work tomorrow, and do all of the things. Hopefully the right things.


Each issue of the free monthly newsletter orbits around a single theme relating to leading people at work.

The archive is here.

Sometimes it’s an essential skill, or best practice. Like setting goals, a woefully unappreciated practice IMO.

Sometimes I unpack a buzzword or a trend. I often interview interesting people.

Soon after starting On Management in 2015, I started to think of each newsletter as having segments, like a podcast episode. In fact, sometimes there’s audio.

There’s always recommended reading — from pop culture to classics. NB: most business books aren’t classics.

It’s writing, about management and people at work. Not content marketing.

Bennies for members: Members Only

There’s an extra email each month, Members Only, which goes deeper: observing, analyzing, and sometimes debunking emerging management and workplace trends. It’s new, and evolving.

Beyond writing and dare I say “curating,” I’m experimenting with ways we can engage, together, around people and workplaces.

  • AMAs. I’ll be doing occasional AMAs on topics like Performance Reviews.

  • Office Hours. I’ve been setting aside one day on my calendar each month for 1:1 phone/video chats on a topic of your choice. (Next up on December 20.) Obviously this doesn’t scale! It works for now, though.

  • Audio Transcripts. I’m experimenting with sharing audio transcripts with Supporting Members.

And, here’s what I’ve been writing about:

(And, hopefully it’s clearer today than it was when I said it in 2013: no, you should not have a keg in your damn office. No, I mean it. You really don’t.)

When members ask me questions, sometimes I answer them in Members Only. I also address topics like, how to self-diagnose problems in your working environment, questions to ask about management training, and staying on track for performance reviews.

If you’re fortunate to work for organization that provides budget for your professional development, what a great benefit! Make use of it with a Members Only subscription.

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Why am I doing this?

After more than a decade of writing online at my blog, and newslettering on and off since 1996, I’ve learned that some readers and subscribers are looking for more. More information. More ways to connect with ideas. More engagement.

So if you want more, I’m designing for you. It’s a work in progress.

At the same time, I’m designing for my business. tl;dr, you can’t write well for free.