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No matter where you work, there’s a practical intersection between managing people at work, and the trends we see out there in the media and business press.

  • What skills do managers need to practice and learn, and how do we learn them?

  • When reading to learn, how do we filter out the clickbait and faux trend pieces?

  • How will we evaluate how our own labor is deployed, and consider the human beings behind the products and services we use?

  • When it comes to the workplace, whose voices do we need to hear more from?

I want you to have the best information. Because everything spinning across your feeds — it’s not all equally good.

My approach is practical. I’m a practitioner. And we all have to go to work tomorrow, and do all of the things. Hopefully the right things.


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I interview interesting people. Sometimes I unpack a buzzword or a trend, or talk about how to learn an essential skill. I’m writing about management and people at work. Not creating content marketing. Sometimes there’s audio.

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There’s more

Supporting members get my deeper dives — observation and analyisis of emerging management and workplace trends and how they’re presented in the media.

  • AMAs. I’ve been setting aside one day on my calendar each month for 1:1 phone/video chats with supporting members. Obviously this doesn’t scale! It works for now, though.

  • Experiments. I’m launching into 2020 with regular Warm Takes. They’re my brief response/analysis of a current event that’s crossing our feeds. They go out some (not all) Sunday mornings.

  • More stuff. Supporting members also have access, gratis, guides I’ve written for managers and topical group AMAs via video chat. This is evolving, and I’m designing for you, and your feedback. At the same time, I’m designing for my business. tl;dr, you can’t write well for free.