On Management #35, P.S.

"Chill is selfishness disguised as kindness." Priya Parker

A few months ago, cartoon artist Jason Li offered to illustrate my newsletters. I was super-excited.

Starting today, I’ll be experimentally sharing Jason’s illustrations in separate post-scripts to the previous email. I’d love to hear what you think.

Hospitality as a Practice

How much do I love Jason’s cartoon artistry? Today’s illustration partners a segment on the practice of hospitality in the workplace, in Ask (Better) Questions: On Management #35.

Jason has contributed his artwork to my newsletter before, most notably in illustration in Team-Building, Workshops, and Offsites: Oh My! On Management #17.

Supporting Members: March 28 Office Hours and more…

If you’re a supporting member, you may sign up for office hours on March 28 here. (There’s also a link for you to download my manager guides, gratis.)

ICYMI, I Kind of Want A Revolution: Members Only #9 covered workplace ostracism, by way of my ever-growing dislike for advice columns:

Please send me a note if you have thoughts about the extra email — or any suggestions, ideas, or questions about On Management.

Thanks so much for your attention and consideration. And thank you, Jason Li.

Anne Libby